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The new CAEL Assessment website owes its success to Rob Lewis, the brains and brawn behind the scenes. Tireless and inspired are the two words that best describe Rob. Our old website was a mass of information that confused rather than informed. Thanks to Rob's excellent work, the new website is not only a joy to navigate through, but actually answers people's questions. I would recommend Rob without reservation to anyone interested in making a website that works well.

Saira Fitzgerald
CAEL Assessment Testing Office
Carleton University

Rob Lewis has been enormously helpful to me. He has helped me put images and order to my ideas, and is quick to grasp whatever concept I’m exploring.

Rob has a gift for combining practicality with creativity. His work has a spark to it, is timely and user-friendly. He will adapt and change until he makes sure his design and plan of action are agreeable to both of us. I rely on his wide knowledge of what is possible and what will achieve my desired outcome.

I admire Rob’s ideals, and his flexibility. He is always willing to explore possibilities for accomplishing a goal. I have the impression that the process is as important as the result, and that appeals to me.

Elizabeth Lusby
Personal and Professional Coach

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